Early Days

still thinking

Not much to report at this time due to traveling. No drama reported with Hemie while I was away so that is good. I’m still thinking about the tough questions and trying to get some other areas of life sorted out too.

I have made 1 decision, though, and that is to get Hemie seen by a well-known chiropractic vet. He’s quite pricey but comes very highly recommended. Even if I ultimately decide Hemie isn’t the right horse for me, as his owner it is my responsibility to ensure he is feeling his best.  After all, he had a rotational fall.  Plus it was also suggested by a well-respected trainer. I sure do hope he will benefit from it, though!

Thanks again to everyone for the positive vibes and messages sent my way. Its greatly appreciated.

8 comments on “still thinking

  1. That sounds like a great starting place! I hope you are healing well.


  2. I agree with Holly, great starting place :)


  3. That's a great idea. I'm excited to hear what they find out :)


  4. I think that is a fantastic idea. Perhaps there is a deep-seeded issue from his rotational fall. You never know.


  5. good luck in finding the answers you seek!


  6. I recent;y watched Laura's mules and Lucky get chiropractor work done, and it really did benefit them–they were less stiff and felt good.


  7. Having a chiropractic visit is always a good step no matter what you're contemplating. Is it Dr. Ugarte by chance? I have never used him because he's really expensive, especially to come here, but he is spoken of highly. There are a few people who use him here. Of course, it might be someone else completely. :0) Hope to see you this weekend!


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