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TOA Blog Hop catch up

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Another catch-up post for the awesome blog hop series from TOA!

Assuming that your horse has absolutely everything he needs (food, bedding, a warm stall, plenty of blankets, and a pasture mate he neither humps, maims nor gets abused by), what does your horse need to be the best version of himself?

Love and exercise. He’s a very social creature and likes getting attention from humans and horses alike. He’s not annoying about it (to me, at least – not sure what his horsey-friends think). He is a hot horse and does best when he gets exercised daily.

What personality quirks does your pony have? What makes him or her special?

He’s in-your-pocket. He likes to cuddle. He loves getting pats on the face and neck. Sometimes he’ll be mouthy in a sassy adorable way. He likes to nap. A lot. (not quite Bobby level…but close).

would smell as sweet. Every horse seems to have at least three names: the “real” one, the barn one, and that special one. What are some of your pony’s names?

Jockey Club: Bohemian Spirit
USEA: Bohemian
Barn name: Hemie or Bohemian
Nicknames: handsome man, Mr. Heems, Hemie-kins, Mr. Snuggles.

What has been your horse’s most expensive injury to date? Let’s exclude maintenance things, like hock injections and the magical monthly package of MSM. What single episode blew your savings or left you boiling ramen? If you want to get technical about it, time is money, too. 

Knock on wood, no major injuries! Largest vet bill was in $800s for his post-purchase exam and X-rays.

2 comments on “TOA Blog Hop catch up

  1. i love snuggly cuddly horses! sadly my mare is too 'above it all' lol


  2. Mr. Snuggles!!! God, that's adorable. I wish Archie cuddled more. I get about 0.2 seconds of holding his head before he tells me to get lost.


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