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FOO Hop: A Day In The Life

From Fly On Over’s Day in the Life of a Working Adult Ammy

6:45 am – Wake up, fumble around, get dressed in work slacks and sneakers and workout shirt. Take the dogs for walks(~1.25 miles). Do some dishes, make the bed, tidy the house. Put on work shoes and a blouse and some makeup. Make a smoothie and brew some coffee.

8:10 am – Head to the office, meanwhile drinking smoothie and coffee. Listen to NPR or chat with a girlfriend who has same commute time.

8:30 am – Arrive at the office, refill coffee, and get myself organized for the day.

I have a shovel hanging on the wall at my desk.
Its from a groundbreaking ceremony of a building we constructed in 2012.

9:00 am – Check email, make phone calls, prep for meetings. Chip away at the never-ending, always-increasing to-do list! I do commercial property management and development for a private investment firm, and right now I’m doing annual CAM (common area maintenance) reconciliations.

Somewhere around 12:30 to 1:30 – take a lunch break. Normally go home and eat leftovers, cuddle the dogs, and do a few more dishes.

An hour later – Resume work, remark how true the 80/20 rule is since a few commercial properties take up the majority of my time and energy. Visit a property to do an inspection, meet with a contractor, check in with a tenant, or meet with brokers. Back at the office, take calls from tenants, contractors, etc. Update files, keep checking emails.

Recent property inspection photo.

5:15 pm – Start winding down the work day. Clean off desk and get a little organized for tomorrow. Tell myself I need to leave right at 5:30 to get to the barn at a reasonable hour.

5:29 pm – Get called into a last-minute “quick” meeting with a boss. Try to keep my cool even though I really wanted to leave on time. Oh well.

5:45 pm – Finally wrap up meeting, change into barn clothes, and head to the barn.

6:15/6:30 pm – Arrive at the barn. Be as time-efficient as possible tacking up, prepping bucket, exercising Hemie, etc.

8:00 pm ish – head home.

8:45 pm ish – Arrive home, eat dinner, spend some time with hubby.

9:30 pm ish – Get ready for bed.

I generally go to the barn 4 or 5 days a week, 3 of which are weekdays. 1 weekday is date night with hubby and another is either spent either on volunteer work (I’m in a local young professional volunteer group) or on catching up on budget/homekeeping/etc.

Great blog hop – love to see how others are able to manage horse owning and balance everything else in life!


3 comments on “FOO Hop: A Day In The Life

  1. It's so interesting reading about what everyone does for a living. So many of us have office jobs.


  2. Busy busy!! Those “quick” mtgs at the end of the day drive me nuts lol


  3. We do a Wednesday date night! A nice way to break up the week!


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