Early Days



Bohemian has been getting ridden by my trainer several days a week. He has been a good boy, in that his resistances are not spiraling into “situations” but instead are getting addressed with consistent riding/training. Luckily he’s a very expressive horse so its clear when he’s happy or frustrated or sassy. Overall he’s had a good workmanlike attitude most rides. I might be taking over some rides on him starting this week, but we will see.

The weather has caused some inconsistent scheduling, with arenas being closed and whatnot. But he’s getting out as much as any horse at our barn.


Its been 6 weeks since the fall and my recovery is coming along well. My shoulder has full mobility but is still sore for some movements. The nerve damage in my face and head seems to be on the mend. The scars are healing. I’m finally back to doing weight training and overall life is getting back to the normal routine.

Looking through Justin’s ears as my trainer rides Hemie.

Riding other horses has been very good for me. At first, I rode because I knew I needed to: getting back to riding after a major fall and injury is something we all know is important for our brains and bodies. The first few rides were easy walk-trot rides on safe older horses. I re-learned how to breathe and ride at the same time and keep my nerves in check. The rides were pleasant, but I did them more because I knew I should rather than because of a passion to ride.

Handsome Justin face!

Now I’m riding friends’ horses that require more actual riding skills. I’m just doing flatwork and hacks around the property, but I’ve come to remember that I love riding horses. I do have a passion for riding, and while riding *your* horse is more special than riding *a* horse, I am genuinely enjoying the rides on my friends’ mounts.

I’ve decided that I need to make more effort to ride different horses going forward. Its too easy to get overly focused on your horse’s progress, but riding others horses adds rider skill and perspective which ultimately benefits any horse you ride. Taking lessons on lesson horses or regularly riding friends’ horses is a new goal.

Riding Levi while TK rides Hemie

I’ve only gotten on Hemie twice. Both times it was fully supervised, after a training ride. No problems, no issues. We can walk-trot-canter at night in the arena he likes to spook most in. I felt safe, and Hemie felt happy.

As I’ve been thinking on the hard questions, I’ve stayed committed to the idea of finding the best solution for Hemie. It very possibly isn’t me. He’s a talented horse with so much potential, but I think he needs a better rider – a professional, or at least a more advanced amateur rider than me. I love him and I’ll do my best to take care of him for as long as he is mine, but the universe has been listening and I’m staying open to opportunities.

10 comments on “Updates

  1. Sounds like things are going well for you both :)


  2. I'm glad you are well!


  3. Glad you're healing and listening to the universe! Both of those things are very important :)


  4. Hugs. <3

    Proud of you!


  5. Glad things are progressing and I will continue to send thoughts your way, hope everything works out for the best.


  6. glad you are healing and enjoying riding a variety or horses. wishing you the best of luck in figuring it all out!!


  7. Good for you Sarah! I already know you're going to make the best decision for Hemie. :0)


  8. Good to hear you are on the mend and getting back in the saddle! Still thinking of you and wishing you the and Hemie both the best


  9. I'm really glad you've gotten back in the saddle and are enjoying riding again :)


  10. I agree, it´s so good to ride other horses. One tends to forget that! Hope all will work out for the best for you guys! Best of wishes from Sweden! :)


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