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West Coast Riders at Rolex!

We are fast approaching the 2015 Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event – the only 4-star eventing competition in the western hemisphere. Top riders and horses in the sport will be competing, some all the way from Europe and Australia!

I have many favorite riders and horses from all over the world that I’ll be cheering on, but wanted to give a special highlight to those from the west coast. As of today, we have *13* riders from the west coast out of 88 total entrants.  Here’s a list of west coast riders, with some Rolex facts thrown in!

James Alliston
From San Ramon, California
Representing Great Britain
Aboard 2 horses: Tivoli, a 2000 chestnut Dutch Warmblood gelding; and Parker, a 2002 bay Thoroughbred (TB) gelding.
James Alliston Eventing website

Anna Collier
From Woodland, Washington
Representing the USA
Aboard Gleaming Road, a 2004 Chestnut TB gelding.
Anna Collier Eventing website

Barbara Crabo
From Scottsdale, Arizona
Representing the USA
Aboard Eveready, a 1999 dark bay Sweding Warmblood gelding.
Four Peak’s Farm / Barb Crabo Eventing website

John Michael Durr
From Castro Valley, California
Representing the USA
Aboard Espris De La Danse, a 2004 dark bay Canadian Sport Horse mare.
Redwood Empire Sport Horses website

Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp
From Rancho Santa Fe, California (but based out of the UK)
Representing the USA
Aboard 2 horses: HHS Cooley, a 2004 grey Irish Sport Horse gelding; and Fernhill By Night, a 2003 dark bay Irish Sport Horse gelding.
Liz Halliday website

Emilee Libby
From Temecula, California
Representing the USA
Aboard Nonsensical, a 2003 chestnut TB gelding.
Emilee Libby Eventing’s Facebook Page

Jordan Linstedt
From Redmond, Washington.
Representing the USA
Aboard Revitavet Capato, a 2003 bay Hanoverian gelding.
Jordan Linstedt Eventing website

Maddy Mazzola
From Oakland, California
Representing the USA.
Aboard Mojito, a 2001 grey Argentinian/Warmblood cross gelding.
Article by EN on Maddy & Mojito

Robert Meyerhoff
From Davenport, California.
Representing the USA.
Aboard Dunlavin’s Token, a 2000 bay Silla Argentino gelding.
Meyerhoff Show Horses website

Gina Miles
From Templeton, California.
Representing the USA
Aboard SVR Ron, a 2000 black Silla Uruguay gelding.
Gold Medal Equestrian website

Bunnie Sexton
From Santa Ynez, California
Representing the USA
Aboard Rise Against, a 1999 bay TB gelding.
Shepherd Ranch Eventing’s Facebook page

Mackenna Shea
From Tacoma, Washington
Representing the USA
Aboard Landioso, a 2002 bay Bavarian warmblood gelding.
Mackenna Shea Eventing website

Jolie Wentworth
From Crockett, California
Representing the USA
Aboard Goodknight, a 2002 bay Canadian sport horse gelding.
Kismet Farms website

As of today, one west coast entrant has withdrawn due to horse injury:

Jennifer McFall
From Wilton, California.
Representing the USA.
Aboard High Times, a 2004 black Holsteiner gelding.
Dragonfire Farm website

4 comments on “West Coast Riders at Rolex!

  1. Yeah West coast, esp CA!!


  2. I met Derek at an unrated event a few years back, when he volunteered as course designer. We were standing atop a hill near the first few jumps and he said that he had (unintentionally) built a really tough Novice course, because he only had satellite maps to work off of and was unfamiliar with the terrain. Super cool guy!


  3. so exciting! definitely looking forward to the action :)


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