Early Days

Syncing Up

Hannah and I have been a team for about 1 month now and are really becoming in sync with each other.  We are speaking each other’s language, can anticipate each other, and have figured out what the other wants and likes.

Our first week together was spent hand-walking as she recovered from some NQR-ness. Then we got to know each other under saddle doing flatwork. Right away we included ground poles, which she really likes. Then we started hopping over very small cross-rails. This past weekend we stepped it up to “real” jumps in the 2′ – 2’3″ neighborhood and had several excellent rides.

“Real” jumps.

We even did that skinny in the middle.

Our trainer reminded me that Hannah has basically had one rider from birth and its great that we are getting along so well.

Hannah is a very willing horse and likes to go to work, but she expects her rider to do her fair share. Her former rider is very experienced, so the pressure is on for me to keep a good position, be clear and subtle with my aids, and work on my strength and fitness.

Hannah prefers arena work to trail rides or hacks around the property, but she’s a good sport overall. This week we’ve started adding trot and canter work on some wide, long stretches of trail. So far so good.

We are picking out some small local shows to go to. Its nice to start to make some new goals. 

11 comments on “Syncing Up

  1. I'm glad things are going so well between you!


  2. She's so cute!! Glad you two are meshing so well :)


  3. She's adorable and I'm glad to hear things are going well!


  4. YAY! So excited for you and Hannaha, becoming a team :) Can't wait to hear about your shows and continuing your partnership!


  5. Woot woot! My fingers are crossed that you and Hannah form a healthy and lasting relationship. :0)


  6. She sounds like a lot of fun to be around and ride! Can't wait to hear about the upcoming shows!


  7. she sounds lovely – so glad you two are having a good time getting to know each other!


  8. :-) This update makes me happy. She sounds fantastic and I'm so glad you're getting along.


  9. So happy for you!


  10. What a sweet mare!


  11. Sounds like Hannah has a lot to teach you, which is great, but that you'll be able to contribute to her as well by getting her more comfortable and confident outside of the arena. That's the best situation to be in, IMHO. I've loved that about Miles :D


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