Early Days

Majesty – The Pony for Adults

This adorable creature is Majesty. I have had the pleasure of riding him for my trainer a couple of times. We refer to him as “the pony” and somehow he’s simultaneously one of the most fun and uncomfortable horses to ride. You can’t help but giggle while discovering new muscles in your thighs you didn’t think were needed for posting.

I don’t know much about his history, other than he was ridden by kids and that didn’t go so well. He certainly has that pony attitude so I image he has dumped his fair share of kids. But overall I’ve actually found him to be willing and rideable and I hope to continue adventuring with him every so often.

9 comments on “Majesty – The Pony for Adults

  1. He's a cutie!


  2. He's so cute!


  3. His face says “who me!? I'm an angel” :)


  4. lol! The Fabio of horses!


  5. Dawww he's so cute!


  6. He looks like a barbie fun horse.


  7. He looks like a sweetie! Hope you two have lots of fun!


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