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North Carolina Ponies

I went to North Carolina last week for a wedding and to visit friends, and had a fun blogger meet up with Britt of House on a Hill! She is just as sweet and smart in person as she is on her blog, and Foster was an absolute delight and snugglebug. 
Britt, Foster, and Me

Myself, friend A, and Britt out for drinks and a bite
Another night I went to a rodeo just outside of Raleigh, with crazy fast barrel racers and death-defying bronc riders. I especially liked the colorful presentation of the colors.  

There were also some horses right next to our hotel, out grazing in a field. I love seeing horses everywhere we go.
It was a fabulous trip but I’m glad to be home and back in the saddle!

6 comments on “North Carolina Ponies

  1. Such a fun night! Definitely let me know if you come back to town, we'll take a photo where Foster and I aren't being awkward turtles. :D


  2. I love blogger meet ups!


  3. How cool! I love blogger meetups :D


  4. how fun!! very cool that you met Britt! i also really want to go to a rodeo one of these days too :)


  5. So fun!! Jealous!!


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