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FOO Blog Hop: 5 Health Things

Tracy at Fly On Over has been doing a Weigh-In Wednesday series and this week’s 5 Favorite Things post is especially helpful! So I’m joining in. I’ve detailed my weight loss strategies before, but still haven’t reached all my goals so I continue to work on it.

1. Weight Loss Journaling/Blogging

Inspired by a special side blog of a well-known equestrian blogger, I started blogging about weight loss on My Fitness Pal. However, its completely private – only I can see it. So its more like a journal where I brain-dump about challenges, motivation, and track weekly weight progress. It has been a surprisingly helpful way for me to vent frustrations, talk myself through challenges, and get back on track.

2. Amy’s Organics Frozen Meals

I get mine at Albertsons but there’s more variety at health food stores. They range in calories from 250 to 420, and many are gluten free, dairy free, GMO free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.  I’ve come to accept that I simply don’t enjoy cooking daily, and having some healthier convenience food options always in the freezer helps prevent me from hitting the drive-through on the way home from the barn. I normally add a small side dish of veggies, and the meals are satisfying.

3. The Beck Diet Solution Blog

The Beck Diet Solution is a set of numerous cognitive therapies to help you be successful on whatever diet and exercise regimen you select. The Beck Diet Solution Blog goes over real-life examples of strategies being brainstormed and put into action. You get a glimpse into private sessions where people are confronting their dieting struggles, and I’ve found many posts helpful.

4. Active Fun

Besides riding, my physical activity is normally limited to working out and walking the dogs. But my husband and I are trying to have more active dates, where we go hiking, kayaking, or swimming instead of going to dinner and the movies. Extra calories burned, and more fun!

5. Cultivating an Athlete Mind Set

I’m working on viewing riding as a sport and not just a hobby, and that I’m an athlete and not just someone who rides. This helps be think about exercise and eating in terms of fitness and not just on losing weight.  Improving my riding is not just about learning more skills, but about developing my overall fitness. This mindset has helped me stick with meal planning and working out.

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12 comments on “FOO Blog Hop: 5 Health Things

  1. i need more active fun in my life too ;)


  2. Definitely adding the Beck blog to my feed. I need to finish reading the book, but have gotten a bit off track lately.


  3. That's a good idea about blogging on MFP, I love MFP but haven't used the blog part of it yet. :)


  4. Yeah, #5 is a big one for me. I try to keep the mindset that I need to eat to fuel my performance.. but it never works (as I pound chocolate-covered coffee beans for a mid-day snack).


  5. I need to figure out how to incorporate more activity… apparently riding 4 ish days a week isn't enough. But these girls take up all my time lol!


  6. I think running around after the girls counts!


  7. mmmmm chocolate coffee beans…


  8. Its not nearly as robust of a blogging platform as blogger, wordpress, etc, but it works!


  9. If you are on the skill section, go back to the last skill at give it as many days as it needs. Some of them need way more than 1 day imo.


  10. Yes, and a great way to hang with friends or significant other, so bonus!


  11. #4 is definitely something I would like to do more of. I'm in Colorado and it's beautiful, so I really need to start taking advantage of that.


  12. I'm the same way about cooking! Sometimes, I just don't have the time and energy. I'm totally going to try some of those Amy's meals. Thanks for sharing :-)


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