Early Days

Whispers of Plans

This entire post is written in a hushed voice. Hannah is not technically mine yet, and given all that’s happened to me this year, I’m writing all plans in pencil only.

Hannah and I are headed to a local hunter show the weekend after next. We’ll do the 2′ division – maybe 2’3″.  My gut says that she’ll be perfect, but *I* need to get back to showing to get my confidence up that I can ride when its crunch time.

Then we plan to do an XC schooling (hopefully at a local venue) in July because…

I’ve picked out our first HT: Shepherd Ranch (Santa Ynez) in August. Intro division.


20 comments on “Whispers of Plans

  1. Yay! Sounds super exciting.


  2. Lots of exciting things!


  3. Squee! Plans are exciting!


  4. YAY! Hopefully you can write these plans in pen very soon :)


  5. *whispers* so excited for you gals!


  6. Yay for more intro eventers! Mo and I will be happy to have you in our ranks. And here's hoping none of us are in intro for too long. :D


  7. Yay! So excited to see this! Good luck!


  8. yay good luck! Hannah is a star!


  9. Yay! Sounds fun. (I read the whole thing and all comments in a whisper, well done)


  10. Ooooh, yay!


  11. Exciting! I'm happy you found a great horse to boost your confidence and teach you.


  12. Woohoo! She is so cute :)


  13. Yay!! (Said in a whisper)


  14. Silently hoorah for ya. She's a cutie.


  15. Yay! I will keep my fingers cross that it all goes well!


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