Early Days

Handy Hannah & Our First Ribbons

Our first show is in the books! Last weekend we competed at a local hunter show and had lots of fun together.

We competed in the Green Rider division (2’3″). We did 3 jump and 2 flat classes, and did pretty well for our first outing in a popular division (10 riders). We placed in the handy hunters, the hunters under saddle, and the equitation flat (3rd, 3rd, 6th, respectively). The hunters over fences and the equitation over fences were not bad but not great. Overall I was very proud of Hannah’s performance, and think I did okay but I wasn’t as present as I need to be.

Our handy hunter round:

Our equitation over fences round:

Hannah’s former owner was there. Her darling 7-year-old daughter was competing in the walk-trot division, which was just so adorable. She stayed to watch my division and was incredibly supportive. She even wiped my boots and polished Hannah’s hooves. I felt the love for sure.

S and her daughter. Such a sweet moment.

How adorable is this bow?!
Kinda wish I was a little kid in the pony division.

Hannah was a rockstar the whole day. She handled the hurry up and wait great, and was relaxed the entire time. 

Pretty girl is pretty.

Hannah and Laurie get along famously.

Overall it was a really fabulous outing. We had lots of fun, and I’m excited for the next one!

13 comments on “Handy Hannah & Our First Ribbons

  1. Awesome! You guys look like you're having so much fun together :)


  2. So cool! You guys look great together. Also, pony rider hair bows are one of my favorite things.


  3. Congrats! She looks like a good egg. :)


  4. Just the horse you need. :-)


  5. wooo hooo congrats!!! you guys look SO GOOD together – and wow she's got some jump in there! (and yes i want that bow too lol)


  6. Yay so glad you guys had fun (ribbons are always a wonderful addition too!)


  7. Congrats!! You look fantastic together.


  8. You guys look great! So glad you're enjoying her so much!


  9. You loom fantastic! Congratulations on a good first show together.


  10. Great job! I hope that when Izzy finally gets to showing that we're as successful as you and Hannah. :0)


  11. Whoop whoop! You guys are looking great!


  12. Congrats on a great show!


  13. WOOHOO! Congrats on your first ribbons!!


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