Early Days

Tackity Tack

Firstly, congrats to Karley at All In for hitting 700 posts! Check out her blog for a celebratory contest.

Next thanks to Stephanie at Hand Gallop for our latest Blog Hop:

Share your every day tack setup


Saddle – Stubben Roxane
Leathers – From an Amish store when a buddy lived in PA
Irons – Regular fillis stainless steel
Saddlepad – Back On Track AP pad
Girth – Lettia cool-max click buckle girth
Boots – Splint boots front and behind (black – hard to see), bell boots on fronts.
Bridle – Not sure what it is precisely, it came with Hannah. But its a very nice standard hunter bridle that matches my saddle nicely.


Literally the exact same setup as jumping except for:
Saddle – Bates Isabel
Girth – Wintec Pro Chafeless girth

I’m sure our dressage setup will change before we hit the show ring so we can be more matchy-matchy. And I think we’re going to start experimenting with different bits in general. But for now, this is what we are using.


5 comments on “Tackity Tack

  1. I love you guys together. :-)


  2. Hannah is the CUTEST, whatever she's wearing!


  3. You look great together, and Hannah is adorable!


  4. she's such a sweetie! also i love my BoT ap pad too


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