Early Days

All The Fails

A double blog hop entry for your enjoyment today.

First up, ‘Fraidy Cat Eventing’s creative Panorama Fail

Next, the hilarious Everyday Fail from Zen Baby Horse

I did not have to look back very far to find some fails, haha.
Like our first solid jump together:
Sarah & Hannah - XC Schooling May 2015 1

make animated gifs like this at MakeaGif

“Jesus take the reins!”

Sarah & Hannah - XC Schooling May 2015 2
make animated gifs like this at MakeaGif
Photography fail

photography semi fail

one-rein jumping + all sorts of body fail
Hooray for blogland for not taking ourselves and our hobby too seriously!

16 comments on “All The Fails

  1. omg yesssss haha Hannah has sooooo many legs!!!! i love that she almost appears to have body 'segments' lol. also excellent use of gifs – she has so much personality!


  2. “Jesus take the reins” *SNORT* love it. So been there.


  3. Fun post. I love the top picture, haha. I hope you are doing well!


  4. I love Lexi's billion legs!!!!


  5. Haha! That first panoramic fail is awesome!


  6. YAY panoramic fail!! so funny!


  7. That first panorama pic is amazing.


  8. Ahaha that top horse would be weird to ride. Love the gifs!


  9. You thought of a great idea, the pano fail. Love it.


  10. I basically lived in that state for too long….you can relate I'm sure!!


  11. Thanks, hope you are well too!


  12. All the legs! So much legs!


  13. hehehe thank you


  14. It took a few attempts. Iphones are tricksy.


  15. Hahhaha sometimes our horses feel that way, no? =P


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