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XC #3 – Meadows of Moorpark

Exciting news – Hannah and I are entered for our first horse trial!! Its in 2 weeks at the beautiful Shepherd Ranch in Santa Ynez!

This past weekend we got a final cross country schooling in, at the Meadows of Moorpark.

Unlike our previous schoolings, this one as more of a supervised ride than a lesson. Hannah and I were off on our own and jumped whatever we wanted. They have a plethora of tiny jumps so it was the perfect opportunity for me to take it slow and only jump as high (low) as I felt comfortable. I didn’t pressure myself, and my nerves stayed quite managed.

My wonderful husband came and took photos on his fancy new camera.

It was a fabulous outing. I feel much better now about the upcoming horse trial.

18 comments on “XC #3 – Meadows of Moorpark

  1. You guys will be stellar!


  2. You're gonna do great! It makes me so happy to see you having fun! Excited for the HT!


  3. You guys look amazing! Have fun at the horse trial :)


  4. you guys both look super relaxed – must have been a ton of fun!!! exciting abuot the HT :D


  5. Hannah looks like so much fun! Maybe the secret to getting more horse photos is to get my husband a fun camera? He did a great job with the timing and I love how the jumps got progressively bigger. Excited for your HT!


  6. You guys looks great together!!


  7. I'm so happy to hear about all the fun you are having with her. I can't wait read about the show!


  8. Love seeing you two have so much fun! Can't wait to hear about the horse trial :)


  9. Thank you very much


  10. Yeah, it felt relaxed, which was so nice. Thank you


  11. Hannah is fun and such a delight. Definitely get hubs a camera. ;) This is only a very small sample of all the jumps we did, ultimately we did a fair number of BN jumps.


  12. She is, which is awesome considering its only her 3rd time doing XC.


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