Early Days

Show Prep Fun!

The Happier podcast reminded me that part of enjoying an event is savoring the lead-up.  So I’m diving into the preparation for the Shepherd Ranch Horse Trials in a few weeks.

I’ve printed my dressage test and I keep in my purse to review when I get a free minute.

Hand drawn arena not to scale lol

Time to get down my show binder, update it with the event info, and start a prep checklist.

Hannah needs to try on my black bridles for dressage. We’re also training the mane to lie flat.

As for goals, there’s 15 people in my division (Open Intro A), so going home with a ribbon would be lovely but improbable. Our goal is simply to get through all 3 phases and have fun.

9 comments on “Show Prep Fun!

  1. Everyone else is way more organized than I am. I generally learn my test the day before and definitely dont have a binder.


  2. I have a binder. I shoved all my old tests into it the other day, but didn't really open it.


  3. Jealous of how organized you are!


  4. i definitely savor the anticipation too!!! wishing you a great event!


  5. My binder started off just having the rules because I got gypped once at a show. Then I found all sorts of fun things to add in there and it has become a great resource.


  6. Yeah, I've been doing the shove-in-there for a while, time for me to get seriously organized though.


  7. I've found its not only helpful but part of the fun.


  8. Thanks! I have to be mindful about the anticipation or else I just wake up one day and its showtime!


  9. I'm so not that organized. whoops


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