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How to video yourself while riding alone

Some bloggers are blessed with friends and barn-mates who are excellent photographers that seem to be available to capture pics regularly (I’m looking at you, SprinklerBandit).

But many of us do not. Enter your smartphone! With just a few little gizmos, you could be in business to photo or video yourself while riding!

We’re a work in progress lol.

Step 1: Materials

You’ll need:

  • A smartphone. I have an iPhone6.
  • A wireless shutter remote. I bought this one for ~$5.
  • A flexible tri-pod. I bought this one for ~$5.

Note: these gizmos had fine reviews, but they are cheap and I doubt they’ll last very long. One little horsey nibble and they’d be done. There are more heavy-duty ones available worth considering.

Step 2: Set Up
The wireless shutter remote connects to your smartphone via bluetooth, and is compatible with most phones’ built-in camera. Or there are compatible camera apps you can download if needed. I attached an extra-long rubber band to my remote to help prevent me from losing it.
The beauty of the flexible tri-pod is that it can attach to rails, posts, and jump standards. Or you could set it up on top of a mounting block or plastic chair seat.  You could play with angles and get all artistic if you like.
Step 3: Action!

For video setting, just click the button to record, ride on, then click button to stop recording.  Or in photo setting, just click to snap photos.  It does take some trial and error. For example, both these next photos are screenshots from video that was mistakenly taken upside-down!

Majesty and I jumping 2’9″


Laurie having Majesty bow while I’m mounted

And my patriotic dress-up photo shoot with Hannah was awkward! But oh well, its media and its fun.

Hannah is red, white, and blue-tiful!

Hope this post helps others who maybe struggle with collecting media!

7 comments on “How to video yourself while riding alone

  1. Even I run out of photographers eventually. Might have to try this out. ;-)


  2. I have one of those selfie sticks with a handheld trigger and I've never though about using it at the barn! The Apple watch has a camera option, but not a video option. So that's no beuno, either. Good ideas!


  3. Great idea! I've been severely lacking in the media department lately!


  4. Omg I definitely need one of those clicker thingys!!!


  5. I have the flexible tripod, but didn't know they made a smart phone remote! I need to find one and try it! I usually use the tripod with a helmet cam (or get the full blown tripod with my full sized camera… but I'm always afraid it will get broken). Great post!


  6. I have never thought about this set up! I have started just propping my phone on stuff after I hit record.


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