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Wanted: your advice for teaching lessons

One of my adorable kid students getting a lunge lesson

I am teaching lessons as part of working for LCTS and it’s a blast! It’s incredibly rewarding to help others learn and enjoy horses. The creativity in selecting and designing riding exercises is neat, as well as having to customize each interaction to the rider and horse on that given day. As a plus, it surely has improved my riding.

I would love to get your suggestions and advice on giving lessons. Perhaps things such as:

  • your favorite types of lessons, and why
  • specific exercises or activities 
  • mounted games
  • out-of-saddle homework or other activities
  • suggestions for teaching certain types of riders/learners
  • any other general or specific advice or suggestions
Thank you so much!!

Laurie teaching an adult who rides occasionally. 

8 comments on “Wanted: your advice for teaching lessons

  1. Are these group lessons or private lessons? I have lots of ideas for games for group lessons.


  2. I like half flat/dressage and half jumping exercises, just for variety. I like really twisty courses (even with just poles on the ground) for steering practice. A big thing for me is hearing a few things I'm doing right, makes it a little easier to take hearing all the things I'm doing wrong hahah


  3. Oh god. What a huge question. I have so much advice from over the years. Shoot me an email if you'd like, I'd love to chat about what I can help with if anything lol kathrynelizlittle@gmail.com


  4. Most of them are private, but sometimes small group (2-3).


  5. Excellent!! I'm the same way.


  6. Thank you! I'm gonna hit you up!


  7. I enjoy little patterns on the flat (probably because of my background in 4-H), but it really is great for working on a lot of things. You can do geometry (circles, figure 8's, serpentines), changes in rider position (sitting, half seat, two-point), adjustability (collected, medium, extended wtc)… the possibilities are endless!

    I always find these exercises particularly helpful to do, and then have my trainer ask me what I thought, and then compare to what she saw. You can also do this in groups and ask the riders to comment on each other!


  8. The pony club manual books have tons of fun things you can quiz the kids on (both mounted and unmounted).


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